Junior Summer English Course 2019 / 7-18 years old

Dates: Thursday 20 June until Friday 23 August 2019

The Junior Summer English Course is is organized at the premises of the Xenion High School building. It has its own access and space for parents to drop children off and pick them up again at noon. The Summer English Camp has its own yard for break-times and children are supervised on their way to and from the Xenion Cafeteria during breakfast and lunch breaks.

All classes are equipped with air-conditioning, Interactive White Boards and Internet access. All classrooms open directly onto the yard, which is at a safe distance from the road.

There is a comfortable Reception area, where parents can meet with teachers if they wish to discuss anything concerning their children.

Learning.We incorporate suitable interactive, educational games into our daily schedule. Through interactive games children use all their senses to learn without realizing that they are learning. Instead of formal teaching we use educational games to engage children and promote learning, allowing children to be active and creative as playing the most efficient method of learning. Our teaching methods are child-centered and we take advantage of all new and exciting pedagogical thinking.

The activities that we offer children are:
Board games
Trips to the Beach
Games / Sports activities

Junior Summer English Course has a different theme every week and activities, games, excursions and lessons are based on that theme. 

Typical themes are:

• Healthy nutrition
• Hygiene and cleanliness
• Traffic education
• Olympic games
• Intercultural education
• Recycling
• How to protect our environment
• Friendship
• The world of the sea