Second reason - English language immersion practices amid cosmopolitan city milieu

Cosmopolitan character of island inhabitants social life shows most evidently in the night life of so popular international seaside resort as Ayia Napa.

English vernacular, European music, laughter and fun, - reaches you from the bars' and discos' open windows and doors of this "European capital of summer parties", Agia Napa, - with youth from all around the world craving for this place.

All of this serene surrounding creates optimal conditions for oral English language immersion.

In the tavernas, on the white-sand beaches, on board of pleasure yacht, in the museum, you would have plenty of opportunities to practice your English with tourists from various countries, and with Britons, vacationers or permanent residents here. As for the Cypriots, they seem to be born with English in their mouth, which is, thus, understandably used as a second official language in Cyprus, aptly blending with local serene lifestyle.

Really comforting is that at least one out of two islanders will grasp the meaning of your attempted English, whatever mangled. Be it intuition, ancient kinship, or, whatever, the mere fact is that you are hardly to be left lost in translation.

And, finally, last but not least: Cypriots are Greeks, and, hence, kindred to Russians in that both spiritually stemmed from Eastern Christianity, intrinsically abiding in one and the same Creed.

However deep in mind, deep under the surface, this history fact provides inconspicuous cornerstone for mutual sincerity and sympathy between Russians and Cypriots.