Eighth reason - super choice of tailor-made English courses + gorgeous summer time

We suppose that after our short excursion in the customs and peculiarities of island life it is only logical to choose our vision of English summer courses in Cyprus and, specifically, in Ayia Napa, where there is a great opportunity to practice English and at the same time meet other wished and desires. What with the sightseeing of the island and its ten-thousand-year culture, to see neighboring Mediterranean countries and islands, such as Sicily, Sardinia, in the cruise. Not to mention good basking in the sun, which is up-and-about there for 300 days a year; and snow-white beaches; and getting acquainted with the local flora and fauna, or enjoying international music festivals and nightlife.

By the way, students of universities and linguistic polyglots have a wonderful opportunity to practice in the Greek, as well.